Micromat’s “MachineProfile 1.0.3” Released

Ever struggled with a customer about the hardware…

Sometimes it’s really kind of  funny to see the absence of knowledge about their own hardware. Customers are a special kind of species. I don’t want to start now talking about “I’d need the admin password to install…” – “Which admin password..??”

Micromat released today a little tool to check the profile of a Mac – and best of it, you can get it for free in the AppStore.

MachineProfile includes:

  • Model Name, Identifier, when Manufactured.
  • Processor Name, Model, Speed.
  • Processor Cache, Bitrates, Bus Speed, Boot ROM Version.
  • Firmware Version.
  • Graphics Card Model.
  • Mac Serial Number.
  • Active Power Source.
  • Active Boot OS.
  • Maximum Supported OS.
  • Hardware Hardware Unique Identifier.
  • Plus other specifications.