SuperReport Pro 3.0b8

enode released the next beta

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 beta 8 is now available.

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items from the following link:

Bug Fixes

  • – fixed crashing bug on Mac – PDF pictures handling during printing
  • – fixed memory leaks when evaluating expressions
  • – added support for ◊ IP variables (only <> was supported in the 4D plugin API)
  • – fixed “garbage” in [text/alpha/picture] variables/fields when multiple instances of the same variable/field was present in a section and script was run between fetching the values
  • – added variable row height support to the table object 🙂

–> added 2 new properties category:
Table name: SRP_Table_VariableRowHeight value:
“varh” type: bool default: true
usage: rows can have variable height, SRP_Table_RowHeight is used as minimum row height comments: at least one column has to have SRP_Column_CalcRowHeight = 1

category: Column name: SRP_Column_CalcRowHeight value:
“varh” type: bool default: false usage: calculate row height on this column


  • – added splitters into script dialogs, fixed section script dialog
  • – added missing “Multi-style” property to the column dialog
  • – added support for “duplicate offset” – remember the last move when duplicating objects
  • – fixed loading of the script label position
  • – fixed checkmarks for body and end scripts in Database menu
  • – added checkmarks setting for scripts in Database menu on open/new
  • – Position Object can be used for section (to see/change the height)

Happy testing!

Best regards, The SuperReport Pro v3 team