SuperReport Pro 3.0b9

6 fixes and more then 9 new features

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 beta 9 is now available.

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items from here.

  • fixed sections dialog (“use always” was not correctly handled)
  • fixed picture dialog (picture properties are changed after paste or drop)
  • fixed drawing of objects w/o “print variable depth” (at least one line was drawn – now it is clipped)
  • fixed drawing of table object with fixed row height
  • fixed object positioning when section overflows to next page
  • fixed conversion of old SRP 2 reports – empty sections are not removed, implemented grouping of rows for objects with “remove row if empty”, …
  • added localized date/time/picture formats for German, fixed picture formats lookup
  • implemented getter for SRP_Report_VirtualCommands- implemented SR File Types (only Windows extensions are used on both platforms; Mac creator & type are ignored)
  • changed drag-select – no need for option key, extending selection when shift key is down on click, group is selectable, …
  • added new item to the Edit menu – Select objects (shows hierarchy of objects) 🙂
  • – added new properties:

category: Plugin
name: SRP_Area_ExtensionSRP
value: “sSRP”
type: text
default: xml
usage: standard file extension for report
comments: old “srp” is always accepted

category: Plugin
name: SRP_Area_ExtensionTXT
value: “sTXT”
type: text
default: txt
usage: standard file extension for text export

category: Plugin
name: SRP_Area_ExtensionHTML
value: “sHTM”
type: text
default: html
usage: standard file extension for html export

category: Plugin
name: SRP_Area_ExtensionXML
value: “sXML”
type: text
default: xml
usage: standard file extension for xml export

category: Plugin
name: SRP_Area_NotificationCallback
value: “palp”
type: text
usage: notification callback (e.g. for properties palette implementation)
comments: called as: Handler (ReportRef:L; CallbackType:L; rebuild:B)
where CallbackType is the same as in event or editor callbacks
rebuild is True if report was modified since last call

category: Report
name: SRP_Report_ObjectHierarchy
value: “Olst”
type: BLOB
usage: all sections with all objects in the report as List in BLOB

Happy testing!

Best regards, The SuperReport Pro v3 team