4D iTools v1.0.1 for Mac

SGBD’s nice little helper got an update

4D iTools is a little “helper” tool sitting in the menu bar of a Mac. It helps with all those little things you could retrieve by your own (or you could even memorize them – no, I’m joking…) – it is availabe in Apple’s AppStore for just 2,39 €.

4D iTools add a status menu containing many tools for the 4D Developer.

  • Color 4D : Calculate the right parameters for OBJECT SET RGB COLOR command.
  • Ascii tools with base 64 conversions.
  • Utilities to convert hours or days in ticks.
  • MagniScreen to view details of your layouts.
  • Screensize to test your layouts on different screen resolutions.
  • Error Finder, search all 4D errors codes on all products at a time (4D, 4D Write, 4D View, System, etc…).
  • Documentation : view all 4D online or offline documentation in English or French
  • Domain Tools : view all informations about domain name whois, mails server exchange, web server.

New features 1.0.1 version :

  • Added Deutsch and Japanese support in Error Finder
  • Added Spanish, Deutsch, Japanese in 4D Documentation
  • New module Window Explorer to help in creating 4D windows
  • A password assistant in utilities to generate secures passwords

Here just a few example screen shots: