AreaList Pro 9.3.1b10

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b9 notes

  • – fixed removal of row/cell options for last row on number of rows reduction
  • – fixed cell height computation for variable row height – last line does not include the leading anymore (there was too much white space at bottom)
  • – fixed entry cell rectangle computation when a popup is associated with the column
  • – finally got rid of the edit control (RichEdit) frame on Windows
  • — IME is inline (hope the Japanese entry is still correct)
  • — 1-pixel frame in highlight color is drawn around the edit control

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b8 notes

  • – fixed entry on Windows (return was not allowed as valid character for text fields)

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b6 notes

  • – new license dialog, allowing the end user to enter a registration key
  • – fixed auto-snap last column behavior Behavior is dependent on:
  • – ALP_Area_AutoSnapLastColumn
  • – number of visible columns (single column simply uses area width)
  • – ALP_Area_CalcAllRows
  • – ALP_Area_RowHeightFixed + ALP_Column_CalcHeight of last visible column (the auto-snapped one)

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b5 notes

  • – fixed: RETURN was not ignored for Alpha fields
  • – modified: ALP_Area_EntryMapEnter accepts value 3: RETURN for text field, TAB otherwise

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b4 notes

  • – when ALP_Area_CalcAllRows > 0, columns are recalculated when cache is fully cleared (e.g. ALP_Area_UpdateData is used)
  • – when ALP recalculates columns for visible part, columns are not shrunk if width was calculated due to ALP_Area_CalcAllRows > 0 NOTE: on double-click into the column’s resize, ALP_Area_CalcAllRows is not honored – width is calculated from cached rows only

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b3 notes

  • – fixed column width calculation for pictures – widest picture is used again
  • – fixed column width/height calculation for variable row height last column when auto-snap is in effect
  • – disabled resize for last column when auto-snap is in effect

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b2 notes

  • – hopefully fixed problems with mouse in entry mode with 4D v13 on Windows (double-click/drag-select)
  • – hopefully fixed single-column width/height (and variable column width) calculations

AreaList Pro 9.3.1b1 notes

  • – implemented ellipsis truncation of text (ALP_Area_UseEllipsis – values as in old ALP 8.x: 0 – none; 1 – trailing for left aligned text, center otherwise; 2 – trailing for left aligned text, leading for right aligned text, center otherwise)

Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team