SuperReport Pro 3.0b10 adds new menu item object

New menu item object + fixes

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 beta 10 is now available.

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items.

  • added new menu item Object -> Adjust Object Size by Style – compute object height according to used style
    –> shift-double-click does the same (for all selected objects)
  • added new notification to the editor method callback: 9 = SR Editor Object Deleted
  • table object can draw nothing (no headers) if no data is present
    –> modified property SRP_Table_DrawColumns from type Boolean
    to type integer: 0 = no; 1 = yes; 2 = yes, but nothing if empty
  • modified old SR Do Command: last argument is now
    a bitfield: bit 0 – don’t run associated 4D method, bit 1 – no Confirm for Open/New
  • fixed SR Print Report when SR SetDestination was used
  • fixed getter for property SRP_Area_NewReport: returned report
    has localized section names
  • fixed script tokenization: when any script is set using text variant (e.g. SRP_Section_Script), the script is tokenized
  • tokenized script now preserves empty lines
  • added new report variable: SRPrintSection – Boolean variable to
    control printing of a section from section/object scripts
  • changed footer variables usage: current values are used
    (values before last break were used previously)
  • changed break footers variables usage: old values (before break) are used only for automatic array variables
  • changed break footers fields usage: old values (before break) are used only if the field does not have a script
  • changed string formatting: for compatibility when a text variable/field has associated format, the format is used only if at least one ‘#’ is present
  • -ixed date/time formatting: format “12:34 pm” is correctly recognized,
    not parsed as format number 12
  • fixed script execution: the For statement is tokenized at execution time, not when the whole script is tokenized (needed for correct end condition and step evaluation)
  • fixed picture object printing – vertical expansion is honored (was always expanding)
  • fixed handling of Page Setup & Job Setup (e.g. with SR Page Setup the page setup was not saved)

Comments to handling the Page & Job setups stored in the report:

  • – both Page setup & Job setup (Mac) or device mode & device name (Win) are stored in the report
  • – why Page Setup is throwing a Job setup dialog on me?!? Because job-specific settings are there – e.g. “use Tray 1 for first page, Tray 2 for the rest” 😉
  • – when “use default printer” is specified, default printer is used (in SRP 2 it was “use default printer”, in SRP 3 it is “don’t use default printer”)
    –> printer stored in the report is not used (this is always true if you specify a printer name explicitly, of course) On Mac you can ask to use the destination stored in the job setup in the report – respective arguments to the SR_Print or SR SetDestination will be ignored.

Happy testing!

Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team