heubach media: hmReports v2.3

New version available

New Version of hmReports | 4D Plugin – hmReports 2.3

With version 2.3 of hmReports we improve the hmReports graphic engine and stability and integrity in 4D.
hmReports is full compatible with 4D v13 and 4D Server v13 x64!

The following features are new in version 2.3:

  • Now you can group virtual items (fields and variables). See hmRep_Create VStructure Group
  • Support of line dashes for all object types (except groups): hmRep_SET OBJECT LINEDASH
  • Support of vertical linespacing in text
  • Support of strike-through text
  • New object option for repeating objects: hmRep_oprop_ReplaceItemsIfEmpty
  • New area properties: hmRep_prop_SavePrinterName , hmRep_prop_DragRedrawInterval ,
hmRep_prop_SavePrintHeader , hmRep_prop_LoadPrintHeader
  • New report properties: hmRep_rprop_UUID_Preview , hmRep_rprop_UUID_Origim,  hmRep_rprop_Closeable

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