New beta: SuperReport Pro 3.0b15

Fixed crash and memory leak

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 beta 15 is now available.

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items here.


  • – fixed crash on quit when some offscreen area was not deleted
  • – fixed some memory leaks (pointer to area, text variables in dialogs, pictures converted for display/printer, using Ptr variant of a getter, some strings (menu ID) in loading the menu)
  • – fixed column width in table objects (width was not honored when text did not fit into specified width)
  • – fixed handling of frame color (incorrect bit was tested)
  • – vertical lines in table objects use the horizontal grid thickness, not the table’s frame thickness
  • – fixed conversion of old reports: groups for “remove row if empty” objects had incorrectly set draw = always
  • – added new helper function for dialogs: $err:=SR Get Field Name ($ioName) to get the “[Table name]Field name” from “[2]1” result is 0 if the $ioName started with ‘[‘ (even when it was in format “[Table]field”, not “[2]1”)