New beta: SuperReport Pro 3.0b15


  • – fixed variable name lookup for the new SRPrintSection
  • – changed underlining – platform native technologies support only word underline, now a line is drawn manually
  • – implemented base line shift (e.g. using Helvetica on Mac, “É” has the accent cut -> use baseline shift of 3 to not cut accents in the first line)
  • – fixed persistency of vertical justification (horizontal justification was checked instead of the vertical)
  • – hopefully finally fixed group splitting over pages (this includes repeating variables)
  • – fixed some bugs in table object printing (like printing last line on a new page due to bad height computation – rounding errors)
  • – fixed For execution in script on Windows (bad conversion of a real number)
  • – fixed parsing of xml reports with missing styles (could crash)
  • – fixed example values formatting in forms when local system uses decimal comma and “use comma and dot as placeholders” in DB is on
  • – implemented page setup validation (should behave like in SRP 2.5)
  • – fixed file extensions modification (SR File Types)
  • – fixed undo/redo after object manipulation using form (e.g. variable properties) regarding resetting all style attributes on undo
  • – added data fetching for “Show object values” for objects in a group
  • – fixed menu event callback – 2 arguments were provided (reportRef, menuID) which is incompatible with SRP 2.5 – no arguments are provided to the callback
  • – fixed group creation – draw is set to “yes”, not to “always”
  • – fixed computing of object size on shift-doubleclick (adjust size by style), frame offset and thickness is now counted in
  • – hopefully the PrintSetup dialogs are finally correct
  • – fixed time formatting when using 4D 12.3 on Windows! (4D returns C string, not unicode!)

A Demo report is available from the link above: open the Start Script in Database menu – change few variables at the beginning and try it out… Each group contains an object which controls if the group will be removed an-block or printed. For data a simple table objects w/o headers are used, last group uses repeating variables. There are three different headers used. And there are some undocumented features used (currently not accessible in the UI)…

b13 Updated manual draft

Happy testing!

Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team