SuperReport Pro v3.0 mc2

Final release of SuperReport Pro is getting closer

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 master candidate 2 is now available.

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items from here.
Please report any issues that you may find or send comments as we are approaching final release. Thanks!

  • – updated manual draft
  • – updated documents SRP_Constants.txt / SRP_Properties.xls / SRP_API.rtf
  • – fixed order of script execution
  • – fixed script execution (Else in Case statement was incorrectly handled)
  • – fixed attributed (multi-style) text export (was exported as plain text – xml encoded in XML/HTML)
  • – added constant for plain text export:
    SRP_Export_PlainText:128:L – can be used with any kind of export (Text/XML/HTML) – will remove any formatting, only plain text will be exported
  • – added conversion of picture to JPG for internal PDF export on Windows
  • – Preview on Windows now uses margins from report/default printer (XPS has no margins)
  • – renamed SR_ParseReport to SR_LoadReport
  • – changed handling/meaning of options in SR_LoadReport,
    SR_NewReport: Src=””, Options=0: empty XML (usable with SR_NewReport only) Src=””, Options=1: empty path, ask for file Src=”<?xml@”, Options is irrelevant: XML otherwise Src is a path to load the report from
  • – changed meaning of options in SR_SaveReport:
    Options = 0: Dst will be filled with XML
    Options = 1: Dst is a path, ask if empty
  • – added new Report property: category: Report property name: SRP_Report_Document
    property value: “docn” property is read/write
    property type: Text usage: full path to the document

FYI: it is changed on File->Load/Save/Save As, SR_LoadReport/SR_SaveReport when used with path and old SR Load Report/SR Save Report

  • – renamed property SRP_Area_UserBLOB to SRP_Report_UserBLOB
    Why? Because it belongs to the report, not to the area. Two areas can show the same report -> when Zoom is used.

SRP_Area_CallbackMethEdit belongs to report, too, but it does not make sense w/o area.

Known bug: due to limited parser, For statement in script must not contain function call with more than one argument…

Note: some previous temporary keys expired Aug 31, 2012. Please let us know if you need a new one.

Happy testing!

Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team