AreaList Pro v9.4b9: SuperReport Pro prints it

Joint venture for plugins

Dear AreaList Pro developer,

AreaList Pro 9.4b9 is now available.

The main new feature in this build is the ability to print an AreaList Pro area through SuperReport Pro v3.

If you are not already part of the SuperReport Pro v3 beta list please let us know if you are interested and we’ll include you + send you a temporary SRP v3 key.

AreaList Pro v9.4 (version 9.4 b9 or above) allows printing or saving as HTML through SuperReport Pro v3 (version 3.0 mc2 or above). It only takes two lines of code to print an AreaList Pro area. Additional options are available, such as automatic column width and use of SuperReport Pro style properties instead of the existing AreaList Pro area settings.

You can either use the built-in SuperReport Pro template to print an AreaList Pro area “on the fly” or create your own.

The AreaList Pro Demonstration database now includes a “Print with SuperReport Pro” button in the AreaList > Configuration Options…” dialog. It also includes a SuperReport menu, allowing printing with the default template or a custom template, and editing / creating your own templates.

Please refer to the “PrintingWithSuperReportPro.pdf” document or the same section in the manual for details about how to use SuperReport Pro to print AreaList Pro areas.

— Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team