SuperReport Pro v3.0 mc4

The next master candidate arrived

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 master candidate 4 is now available.

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items from here.

Please report any issues that you may find or send comments as we are approaching final release. Thanks!

mc4 release notes:

  • fixed script execution order (again)
  • fixed conversion of inch units (“1 Inch” was interpreted as 1 cm) – used in dialogs (min. space, position, …)
  • fixed positioning overflowed lines & rectangles from previous sections in break footers when there is more than 1 break footer
  • fixed one small memory leak
  • changed behavior: when old API is used for printing, default printer is used (if printer is not specified using SR SetPrinter), not the one stored in report
  • PDF export on Windows – fixed PNG pictures embedding

mc3 release notes:

  • fixed stupid bugs introduced in 3.0mc2
  • export should work again (was exporting nothing!)
  • break headers before the first body record should be printed once (were printed twice)
  • fixed section dialog (again!) – break on var/field was not stored — impossible to change it
  • when closing form with SRP, the zoomed window is destroyed first
  • when closing external SRP window (not the zoomed window) and report was modified, a confirm dialog is used to allow user to save changes – answering YES will do the same as File->Save (save using existing document name, ask for name if empty)
    –> there is no cancel button, because SRP has no way to detect click on window close box, so it is doing the test just before the area is destroyed
  • when copying objects from inside a group, the objects have correct global horizontal position
  • conversion of SRP 2 reports does not create style set anymore, individual objects have all the style options set on object level
  • styles can be selected in Edit Styles dialog and copied into the clipboard (empty selection means all styles)
  • pasting a style does not simply add the style to the style set – if style with such id already exists, it is modified
  • added new constant to SRP Print Flags: SRP_Print_WinOpenPreview:262144:L
  • when printing on Windows using SRP_Print_DestinationPreview, and the option contains SRP_Print_WinOpenPreview, OPEN WEB URL is used on the destination file (“SRP_Preview.xps” in User’s Documents if no name was provided)
  • hopefully found a way how to prevent opening the printer dialogs behind 4D’s MDI window

NOTES about Windows Preview:
If printer named “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” does not exist, Preview will not work. You can check PRINTER LIST if it is present and then either install it or disable Preview… Not aware of a Windows system w/o XPS support.
On Win XP SP3 “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” is present, just instead of XPS Viewer Internet Explorer is used. Didn’t found a way how to check if the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” should automatically open the printed file (contextual click on the printer -> Printing preferences -> XPS Documents -> Automatically open XPS documents using XPS viewer), that’s why the OPEN WEB URL is used conditionally…

Note: some previous temporary keys expired Aug 31, 2012. Please let us know if you need a new one.

Also feel free to ask for a temporary key if you need one to test printing ALP areas with SRP.

Happy testing!
Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team