SuperReport Pro v3.0 mc5

SuperReport Pro Team is asking for feedback – act now!

Dear SuperReport Pro user, 

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 master candidate 5 is now available. 

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items from the following link: 

Please report any issues that you may find or send comments as we are approaching final release. Thanks! 

*** Call for feedback – Questions *** 

We are aware that this is already a master candidate, but we wonder after testing (and gathering reports from you) if the BLOB format should be used – it could be simpler from a compatibility point of view, when currently all data are in BLOBs (or on disk). And it would work in non-unicode mode, too. 

Assuming you have data in a BLOB field: 
– to load it for editing, use old SR Set Area 
– for printing: you have to use SR_ConvertToXML (or check for BLOB’s content if it is xml / do BLOB to text), then use that xml 
Changing to BLOBs will make it simpler… 

This would mean to change XML parameters in a few commands: 
SR_ConvertToXML: outXML as BLOB 
SR_NewReport: inSrc as BLOB 
SR_OpenSession: inXML as BLOB 
SR_Print: inSrc as BLOB, inFlags unused/removed 
SR_Export: inSrc as BLOB 
SR_ExportIntoBLOB: inSrc as BLOB 

SR_LoadReport: remove! for BLOB version use old SR Set Area, for files use old SR Load Report 
SR_SaveReport: remove! for BLOB version use old SR Get Area; for files use old SR Save Report 

Alternately,  there is always a possibility to just add new commands taking BLOB instead of text – at least the most usable: 

Please advise! 


mc5 release notes 

changes in behavior: 
– Page Setup dialog is used again, separate menu item for Job Setup is present 
–> standard page setup dialog on Mac, print setup (including selection of the printer) is used on Windows 

– SR_ConvertToXML can be used with already converted report – the report is returned in second parameter 

bug fixes
– script execution: if no case was matched in a ‘Case of’ switch, jump to incorrect line was done 
– SR_Print/SR_Export did not read the tokenized scripts in data source (Start/Body/End scripts), text version was used 
– features flag of overridden style properties (SRP_Style_Features) was not saved/loaded 
– style ID to use was not set in the dialogs 
– SR Validate checks some page setup properties agains default printer – no more confirm for page setup & page setup dialog 
– handling 4D’s PRINT SETTINGS on Windows (conversion of 4D’s settings was creating corrupted structures -> default printer was used) 
– when SRP_Print_4DJobSetup is specified in call to SR_Print, destination is honored (IOW: options SRP_Print_NoDefaultPrinter and SRP_Print_MacUseDestination are set implicitly) 
– underline under rotated text with horizontal scale # 1 on Mac (was misplaced due to the horizontal scaling) 

More notes about printing: 
– to use user’s setting (setup in the SRP editor or using SR_PrintSettings), specify: SRP_Print_NoDefaultPrinter or even SRP_Print_NoDefaultPrinter | SRP_Print_MacUseDestination 
– to use 4D’s settings (using PRINT SETTINGS), specify: SRP_Print_4DPageSetup | SRP_Print_4DJobSetup 
– to use default printer settings, specify: SRP_Print_DefaultPageSetup | SRP_Print_DefaultJobSetup 
these options are mutually exclusive: either use what is saved in the report or 4D’s settings or default printer settings 

– if you specify SRP_Print_NoDefaultPrinter, printer name stored in the report will be used 
– if you specify SRP_Print_MacUseDestination, even the destination saved in the report will be used on Mac (if user clicked Preview, it will do a preview!) 
– if you specify SRP_Print_SimplePageSetup, only the page size, orientation and scaling saved in the report will be used with default printer’s settings (probably good for cross-platform printing) 

– to print user’s report with all the setting but giving possibility to change printer, specify: SRP_Print_NoDefaultPrinter | SRP_Print_AskJobSetup 

and finally: when printer is used in the editor (page setup, job setup, print), SRP_Print_NoDefaultPrinter is used internally (this is needed to get printer name from the SRP_Report_PageFormat/SRP_Report_DeviceNames and not to use default printer) 

There are many combinations… 
E.g when you specify printer name in call to SR_Print, printer name stored in the report will not be used even if SRP_Print_NoDefaultPrinter is not specified 


Note: some previous temporary keys expired Aug 31, 2012. Please let us know if you need a new one. 

Also feel free to ask for a ALP temporary key if you need one to test printing ALP areas with SRP. 

Happy testing! 

Best regards, 
The SuperReport Pro v3 team