PrintList Pro v5 Beta

AreaList Pro Companion gets a face lift

eNode, FranceFor a long time, AreaList Pro and PrintList Pro worked together as a perfect team. Then, slowly but constantly they slipped away.

Up to now – e-Node has already updated AreaList Pro to the current versions of 4D, PrintList Pro is following now.  Both will  close the gaps which the native 4D list boxes leave behind. – Best of all, they will work with the old code.

It is an important fact – if you ever had to  convert aging database (v6.5, 6.8, 2003, 2004) to  a more current status (4D v12), then you will see a lot of AreaList Pro and PrintList Pro code. Of course you could update it with the new toys and new bugs! See it from a customer’s perspective: It is a  lot cheaper to throw in some new licenses then  paying you for something with new uncertainties.

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