SuperReport Pro v3 released

New version of an old timer  arrived

eNode, Francee-Node has just released the latest version of SuperReport Pro. Now there are 3 reporting tools on 4D market:

  • hmReport
  • PagePro
  • SuperReport Pro

(in alphabetical order, just in case…)

It’s up to the developers to decide which one they prefer.
I have quite a few customers with (legacy) 4D applications and running SuperReport. They will be happy to just throw in a new version and see it work without (hopefully) any code changes. The new version of AreaList Pro did a good job with this.

SuperReport Pro v3 got all the bells and whistles you might expect from a report editor:

  • Version 3 is a full rewrite, fully compatible with the previous API as well as the current Unicode and XML standards, with a new property-based API similar to AreaList Pro v9. It also includes many new features.
  • Edit menu Undo is available to a number of actions up to 1024
  • A count pages option (SRP_Report_CountPages) has been added, so now you can use “Page 1 of 9” for example
  • Native drawing of text, CoreText on Mac and GDI+ on Windows
  • Objects have new properties – name, id – which can be used in XML/HTML exports
    OMG – wish I had this in 4D itself!
  • Scripts now support flow control structures (If, Case of…), and are stored tokenized, thus eliminating problems between various localized 4D versions (e.g. English version will run a French SuperReport Pro document no matter the command names)
  • The watermark will be printed on every page, either underneath or on top of all other printing

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