PrintList Pro 5.0a1

The first alpha of the reborn PrintList

Dear PrintList Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that PrintList Pro v5 alpha 1 is now available.

You can download the plug-in from here.

Please report any issues that you may find or send feature requests and comment: now is the time. Thanks!

New features similar to AreaList Pro v9:

  • unicode
  • styled text support
  • native drawing
  • there is no support for patterns and outline, shadow, condensed and extended font styles; bold/italic can be used only when used font supports it (condensed & extended can be achieved by changing the horizontal scale in ALP 9 API.)

Other goodies:

  • compatibility with AreaList Pro 9
    (PL_RestoreData can be used with XML from AL_SaveData)
  • 64-bit version for 4D server
  • some calls are not implemented:
    PL_GetAdvProps (did nothing in PrintList Pro 4.7, anyway)
    PL_SetArrays (must use PL_SetArraysNam)
    PL_SetHeaderIcon (use cell options with row = 0)
  • two commands are modified:
    • 1)    PL_SetColOpts has a new parameter at the end:
      integer: 0 = use GDI plus for drawing (default),
      anything else: use GDI for drawing (ignored on Mac)
    • PL_SetColOpts (area:L; hiddenColumns:I; hideDetail:I; drawingEngine:I)
    • 2)    PL_SetFormat has two new parameters at the end:
      integer: 0 = plain text (default),
      anything else = attributed (multi-style) text
      real: line spacing to use, 0 is substituted by 1 (default)
    • -> PL_SetFormat (area:L; columnNum:I; format:S; listJustification:I; headerJustification:I; usePictureHeight:I; attributed:I; lineSpacing:8)
      NOTE: the multi-style property is applied to all formatting in that column -> breaks have to account for that!

New features:

  • 1) in break calculations, “\\Var” will compute variance and “\\Dev” will compute standard deviation
  • 2) specifying 2 as horizontal line width in breaks (PL_SetBrkColOpt/PL_SetBkHColOpt) will draw two 0.25 pt hair-lines
  • there are two known 4D bugs on Windows:
    • 1) print preview in 4D v12 does not work – plugin is not able to get the device context from 4D (ACI0078086: PA_GetWindowsPrintingDC() returns NULL)
    • 2) v12/v13 – when printing and user chooses “print all pages” in the Print dialog, only first page is printed by 4D; user has to select a range of pages (ACI0078604: When PA_GetWindowsPrintingDC() is used, only first page is printed)

If any of you has some leverage over 4D Quality department, feel free to use it…

— Best regards,
The PrintList Pro v5 team

eNode, France