AreaList Pro 9.4b10

Two important fixes and more

AreaList Pro 9.4b10 is now available

  • fixed excessive processor load under some conditions (generating update event on every idle event)
  • fixed return value of AL_SetObjects with selector ALP_Area_SortList/ALP_Object_SortListNS
  • added new selector for use with AL_GetObjects:
    category: Objects
    name: ALP_Object_Type
    value: type property is read only
    usage: type of data in the columns
    comments: ‘Is Time’ is returned for longint array formatted as time
  • implemented missing functionality in AL_GetArrayNames: third argument was ignored, now it is honored NOTE: when used in non-compatibility mode, the result might be inaccurate unless all invisible columns are at the end
  • fixed common baseline calculation (used when vertical alignment is default – all cells in a line have the same baseline in first text line) when style is overridden on row or cell level
    NOTE: this works only if column has property ALP_Column_CalcHeight = 1 and area has ALP_Area_RowHeightFixed = 0, otherwise the common baseline is calculated only from the list style of columns
  • fixed small bug in not updating the cache automatically when header/footer text is set (using AL_SetObjects or ALP_Column_HeaderText/ALP_Column_FooterText)
  • fixed DisplayList: header and list font size & style were not used

— Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team