AreaList Pro 9.4 – nearly ready

ALpro 9.4 mc1 – last before final

AreaList Pro 9.4mc1 is now available.

  • Fixed DisplayList: header and list font size & style were not used
  • Fixed cell entry calculation (adding ascent twice when cell size is not calculated)
  • Fixed modality/layering of windows (sort editor, date/time popup, attributed text entry, DisplayList)
    •  on Mac, the window is made part of the group of frontmost window -> can have non-modal behavior even on top of a modal window (click outside of popup means cancel)
    •  on Windows, ‘Window kind’ is checked and if it returns 9 (modal dialog), modal dialog is used (click outside of popup is ignored)
  • Entry on Windows uses multi-line edit control even for text data without allowing return in text (disabled horizontal scrolling; numeric/date/time entry is still scrolling single-line)

Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team