heubachMedia: hmReports v2.3

Lots of fine tuning and new properties

New Version of hmReports 4D Plugin – hmReports 2.3

hmReports 2.3 comes with an improved graphic engine, more stability and integration in 4D. hmReports is fully compatible with 4D v13 and 4D Server v13 x64!

New features in version 2.3:

  1. Now you can group virtual items (fields and variables). See hmRep_Create VStructure Group
  2. Support of line dashes for all object types (except groups): hmRep_SET OBJECT LINEDASH
  3. Support of vertical linespacing in text
  4. Support of strike-through text
  5. New object option for repeating objects: hmRep_oprop_ReplaceItemsIfEmpty
  6. New area properties: hmRep_prop_SavePrinterName , hmRep_prop_DragRedrawInterval ,
hmRep_prop_SavePrintHeader , hmRep_prop_LoadPrintHeader
  7. New report properties: hmRep_rprop_UUID_Preview , hmRep_rprop_UUID_Origin , hmRep_rprop_Closeable

Main Features in version 2.x:

  1. Multi-Page-Design
Now you can add static pages and/or additional iteration pages to a composed report. Also, you can design documents with more than one page!
  2. Subreports
With Version 2 you can now inherit other hmReports documents into new documents. For example: You can design one letterhead layout and place it in all your reports.
  3. Barcodes
Now you can display any data as a 1D and 2D Barcode without any special fonts. hmReports 2 supports over 60 different 1D and 2D Barcode types!
  4. Editable Preview
With hmReports 2, the user can view the final result of the report without printing. All changes are automatically saved back in the source report and the preview will be updated again, if wanted.
  5. Unlimited Undo/Redo support
  6.  64 bit Plugin (for 4D v13 Server 64 bit on Windows)

heubach media is a Hamburg (Germany) based 4D specialist. Worldwide partners support the products in English, German, French, Italian and Japanese.

For  more deteails visit the website http://www. hmplugins. com.