AreaList Pro v9.4 released

AreaList Pro prints now with SuperReport Pro

This release includes new properties as well as various fixes. It also offers printing AreaList Pro areas through the SuperReport Pro best seller plugin. AreaList Pro version 9.4 is a free upgrade from v9.0: existing v9.x licenses will activate version 9.4.

New AreaList Pro license offer: Extension to SuperReport Pro (60 €, excl. VAT)
Add a SuperReport Pro license key to your existing AreaList Pro license (or ordered simultaneously). Same 4D serial information, any license type – there a special rules for the OEMs. SuperReport Pro is the new printing companion to AreaList Pro!

New in version 9.4:

  • License system enhancements Registering AreaList Pro is easier than ever. The demonstration mode dialog now includes an “eMail” button to send us the serialization information that we need to generate your license, as well as a “Register” button to paste the license key and activate the plugin.
  • Using SuperReport Pro for printing AreaList Pro v9.4 allows printing or saving as HTML through SuperReport Pro v3. It only takes two lines of code to print an AreaList Pro area. Additional options are available, such as automatic column width and use of SuperReport Pro style properties instead of the existing AreaList Pro area settings.
  • Manual updates The manual has been updated to include all new 9.3 and 9.4 features and properties, as well as the following new sections: Registering your AreaList Pro License, Using the debugger, Printing with SuperReport Pro and new troubleshooting / FAQ items.

New features

  • Implemented ellipsis truncation of text
  • ALP_Area_EntryMapEnter now accepts value 3: RETURN for text field, TAB otherwise
  • New properties: ALP_Area_ArrowsForHierarchy, ALP_Area_AutoResizeColumn, ALP_Object_Type

Download the new version from