25% Discount for Lightning for 4D

Mobile access for 4D


If you have been sitting on the fence about purchasing Lightning for 4D, there is no better time to buy.

From now until Saturday, November 17, 2012 you can get a 25% discount on the price of Lightning for 4D.

Go to Foundation App Store and enter the discount code


when you checkout to receive your discount.

If you charge $150/hr for your 4D programming, you can get Lightning for LESS than 2 of your billable hours. Now that’s a bargain.

Note: The source code version of Lightning is now available for purchase.

Bought Lightning already? You only have to pay the difference in price to get the source code version and see how the magic happens. This discount only applies to the compiled version of Lightning for 4D.

What is Lightning for 4D?

It is the fastest way to take your existing 4D database and add a web front-end to it. You need no knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, php or anything but your 4D knowledge to make it happen.

What’s coming for Lighting for 4D?

Mobile access. You’ve asked for it and now it’s coming. Mobile web access to your 4D database with minimal effort on your part.

If you purchase Lightning now, you will receive a free upgrade to version 2.0 with the new mobile features when it ships early next year.

Testimonial from Jim S. at Aspen Marketing:

We bought this product after many failed attempts at 4DAF. It took 4 days using the templates Graham included to give database access to each of our 20 or so unique customers. Mind you all our clients data is stored together so filters are applied for web each session. The results return amazingly fast on each web connection.

Over the past week we’ve used this product, Graham has been prompt in returning emails and providing tricks we can use to modify our solution with his templates. Support for this product is good and you don’t have to be a “Partner” to get it. A nice benefit for those of us doing in-house work. Spend a little time with his example database and you will see how easy it is to customize.

If you want to roll out internet access and want a short learning curve, Lightning is a great product.

Act now! Before this offer slips away and so does your 25% discount.

Walt Nelson (Seattle)