Active4D v6.0r6 – Maintenance release for the 4D WebTool

Problems with load libraries fixed

Active4D is a first class plugin for 4D. It allows web developers to program inside their htmls pages with the standard 4D programming language. Updating a 4D web app is easy – just ftp your new html pages and code. No fuss with 4D HTML tags and recompiling the server.

Active4D v6.0r6 has just been released. This is a bug fix release, everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

Changed components:

  • Plugin
  • Documentation
  • If a duplicate library name is encountered during startup, an error will be logged and the server will not crash.
  • The source file and line number of library parse errors is now correctly logged if a library is loaded during startup or during a refresh.
  • If a library load error occurs during startup, the error is logged and startup continues.
  • References to v5 in the documentation were updated to v6.