SuperReport Pro v3.0.1 beta 1

New features, changes and fixes

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3.0.1 beta 1 is now available.

You can download the plug-in from the following link:

Please test the modified Add Section dialog…

Version 3.0.1 b1 – New features

§  added rounded rectangle (property of a rectangle)
§  name of a section is drawn in the editor
§  added Edit -> Show/Hide Sections
§  added Object -> Hide Others

Version 3.0.1 b1 – Changes

§  changed field name lookup – if virtual structure is in effect and field is not defined in the virtual structure, physical field name is used
§  changed undo buffer size limit from 1024 to 65536
§  Add Section dialog : changed field break from hierarchical list to tables/fields list if structure “is big enough” (>20 tables or >128 tables+fields)
§  section label is at least 10 points wide (there was no label if section had empty name)
§  section label is drawn for Watermark section, too
§  Edit -> Modify Section:
o   4 new sections were added (report can have 3 headers and 3 footers)
o   XLF was changed (Break Header instead of Sub Header, Break Footer instead of Sub Total)
o   visible sections have checkmarks

Version 3.0.1 b1 – Fixes

§  fixed SR_SaveReport
o   when called with 1 = file, SRP asked for file instead of using the provided name
§  fixed SR_ExportIntoBLOB
o   handle had to exist, was not set to the correct size (zeroes at the end)
§  fixed SR Print To BLOB
o   handle was not set to the correct size (zeroes at the end)
§  fixed printing of “invisible” objects (objects below/to the right of the footer)
o   no more error -6
§  fixed automatic loading of report
o   could fail if virtual structure (SET TABLE TITLES) is in effect
§  fixed Add Section dialog
o   break level was not editable (was always changed back, sometimes to incorrect value)
o   yes, you can insert break header 1 even when it already exist -> the levels will be renumbered

Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team