Active4D v6.0r9

Tweaks and documentation changes

Aparajita is rather busy lately and we hardly can keep up with all the releases – good thing is, we are using A4D for several projects and are very happy the fast moves.

v6.0r9 Changed components:

  • – Plugin
- Documentation
  •  [1143] When using the %% format operator, the current system locale is correctly used.
  • Miscellaneous documentation tweaks.

Changed components:

  • Plugin
  • Shell
  • a4d.debug library
  • Documentation
  • ORDER BY FORMULA now has an option to be executed within Active4D’s context, which allows access to Active4D’s full execution environment within the order by expressions. Please see the documentation for more info.
  • a4d.debug.dump selection now has an option to display the record number for a table by using “#” as the field name.
  • [1142] To prevent high CPU usage on Server when a Remote is using the console, the refresh delay has been increased to 3 seconds by default. The delay can be configured with the ConsoleRefreshDelay item in the A4D_Config list. To upgrade, follow these steps:
    • 1 open the A4D_Config list in the Tool Box.
    • 2 Add an item “ConsoleRefreshDelay=3” (without quotes) to the list. Change “3” to the number of seconds of delay you want between console refreshes.
    • 3 Replace line 24 of the A4D_Console form method with:
      SET TIMER(Num(A4D_GetParam (“A4D_Config”;”ConsoleRefreshDelay”;”3″))*60) Please see “Tuning Console

Refresh” in the documentation for more info.

The latest and greatest version of Active4D, the ultimate 4D web development environment, is now available for download.