Goodbye Thibaud – sorry to see you go!

Thibaud is heading for the Big Apple

Just saw and talked with Thibaud at the German Devcon in Munich and now he is leaving 4D behind. Thibaud has blogged a last time for 4D.

He is one of very few guys from 4D who were able to establish a relationship with developers – going further then just tech-talk. Beside his coding skills, I will miss his sense of humor.

But, I think he did a right decision. At some point you have to decide what to do. There were some rumors in the last few weeks about this. Now I know at least, I can trust those sources – which might not be bad for the future.

There is just one more little rumor about Thibauds decision, best described as: Goodbye LR – Here I am,  BC.

One more thing: Olivia (of the Wakanda-Clan) left 4D, too.

That’s quite a shake up over the last few months: 2 top managers (Brendan + Luc) and 2 shining people for the developers.