Orchard Software: Win32API version 5.2

Bugfix for a Citrix environment

Win32API version 5.2 is available now on github for 4D v11 and later,
32-bit and 64-bit.

Changes in version 5.2:

  • Fixes a bug that could prevent an error message when shutting down 4D in a Citrix environment.

Note – if you use any of the following commands to disable standard Windows functionality, it’s now your responsibility to re-enable these features when your application exits, as Win32API is no longer going to take care of this for you automatically:

  • sys_EnableTaskManager
  •  gui_ShowTaskBar
  •  gui_ShowTitleBar
  •  gui_SetMDIOpaque

Download is available at github.

Jeffrey Kain
Orchard Software Corporation