Nightly builds

One of the best reasons for a partners contract

Very often is a discussion among developers whether it’s worth or not to have a partners contract with 4D. Beside getting the test versions (by license) of 4D and 4D Server, the access to the bug fixes (buzz word: ‘Hot fix’) and the nightly builds are worth the money.


“Nightly builds” suggest by name a delivery every night – it’s more “..up to several times a week” if the hot-bugfix-season is open.
Then it works nicely and between the downloads you need to find some spare time to test it. But it helps.


The master of the ceremonies, Monsieur X., seems to be malade. Not his fault. The development team is still sending the nightly builds to the ftp server – but forgot to tell the rest of the world about it.
Xmas just passed, still, just a wish, a thought… isn’t there someone who could recognize this and send out a short message about what is fixed?
Best wishes to Monsieur X. – we want you back, good and healthy!