AreaList Pro v9.4.3 beta 2

New features and changes

Dear developers,
AreaList Pro 9.4.3 b2 is now available.

Version 9.4.3 – New features and changes:

  • – when a text ends with a carriage return, an empty line will be added (previously it was handled the same whether a CR was there or not)
  • – when word wrapping is enabled and a word does not fit into a column width, the word is split (e.g. “TEXT” could be split into “TE” + “XT” on next line)
  • – when row dividers are shown, the vertical scrollbar arrows scroll by the exact row height including the divider line
  • – when a real number is to be edited, the cell is marked as modified if Num (String (oldValue)) # Num (currentValue) in order to ignore “epsilon” differences
  • – when a date is to be entered, the column’s format is used (format 7 was previously used)
  • – time format now honors “&/109” instead of “&/9-“
  • – the last column’s background color is used for the possible empty column on the right side (as old ALP/PLP did)
  • – when a window containing an ALP area is opened in a script of a 3D-button having the “With Pop-up Menu” property set to “Linked” or “Separated”, any popup cell enterable in ALP would open the popup at the 3D-button location, now the popup will open at the mouse location (the popup icon in the ALP area cell)

Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team