Active4D v6.0r10 -WEB SEND RAW DATA works again

Modifications for 4D v13.2

Changes in  Active4D v6.0r10

Changed components:

  • -Plugin
  • Shell (A4D_Init method)
  • Documentation (means: you have to read it)
  • IMPORTANT! On Mac OS X, the minimum version is now 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
  • IMPORTANT! The Unicode library used by Active4D, ICU, has been updated. Please note that the ICU data now lives in Active4D.bundle/Contents/Resources, and has different names. If you were storing ICU data in a shared location, be sure to copy the new ICU data files.
  • The %% formatting operator now supports named placeholders in conjunction with collections. In addition, default formatting for values now conforms to 4D’s default formatting for the system locale.
  • Added the upload to blob command, which returns an upload in a blob. See the documentation for more information.
  • The round and trunc commands now call directly into 4D, so the results are guaranteed to be consistent with 4D.
  • In 4D 13.2, the 4D shell will use WEB SEND RAW DATA, as it was fixed in 13.2.
  • Named constants were updated to incorporate additions and changes in 4D 13.2.


Requirements Software:

4D v11.5 or later.


Mac OS X 10.5+, Intel processor Windows XP SP2+

As usual, you can download the current version from Aparajita’s World. The Developer Version is free as ever.