Active4D v6.0r11 is here

Bug fixing release

Active4DAparajita has released a bug fix version. If you used Active4D to process html pages locally, then it crashed, if there was no 4D licenses folder. There were not so much developer hit by this one, I guess.

More important, the documentation is updated. It’s here for beeing read.

Downlod it from the usual place.


Changed components: – Plugin

• Fixed a crasher that occurred with a Volume Runtime client, where no 4D licenses folder was available.


Changed components:

  • –  Plugin
  • –  Shell (A4D_Init method)
  • –  Documentation
  • IMPORTANT! On Mac OS X, the minimum version is now 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
  • IMPORTANT! The Unicode library used by Active4D, ICU, has been updated. Please note that the ICU data now lives in Active4D.bundle/Contents/Resources, and has different names. If you were storing ICU data in a shared location, be sure to copy the new ICU data files.
  • The %% formatting operator now supports named placeholders in conjunction with collections. In addition, default formatting for values now conforms to 4D’s default formatting for the system locale.
  • Added the upload to blob command, which returns an upload in a blob. See the documentation for more information.
  • The round and trunc commands now call directly into 4D, so the results are guaranteed to be consistent with 4D.
  • In 4D 13.2, the 4D shell will use WEB SEND RAW DATA, as it was fixed in 13.2.
  • Named constants were updated to incorporate additions and changes in 4D 13.2.


  • Changed components:
    – Plugin
    – Documentation
  • [1143] When using the %% format operator, the current system locale is correctly used.
  • Miscellaneous documentation tweaks.