4D v11 – it’s time to say ‘Good bye’

v11 meets the trash can in July

4Dv13LogoStill using 4D v11? It’s already abondoned from 4D and on July 1st the last connection will be cut off. 4D will stop selling updates for this aging product. The technical support was already cut off several months before.

It’s time to think about the next version to use. In October 4D will start talking about 4D v14 (only), I guess. With the rise of v14, the current working horse, v12, will see the end of its journey.

Looking at this scenario, the only valid choice is to use 4D v13. My current suggestion is, to buy an upgrade to v13 including a mainteance contract – which definetly will include 4D v14.

Of course, one could wait for v14 and skip v12+v13 for an adventurous tour.

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