Pluggers: API Pack

Excellent Tool for turning 4D inside out

API Pack is a 4D plugin with more than 80 commands that gives you access to features that are only available through the 4D Plugin API. Version 3.0.2 includes a few bug fixes. Please refer to the section “Version history” in the documentation for details.

Command overview:

  • Retrieving information about 4D’s runtime environment.
  • Opening the method, formula or the picture editor.
  • Getting method ID’s, executing methods by ID, tokenizing expressions and executing tokenized expressions.
  • Commands that give you “under the hood access” to 4D’s internal resources like methods, forms, style sheets etc.
  • Sending and receiving documents to and from 4D Server.
  • Blobbing and un-blobbing records.
  • An extensive command set that gives you access to 4D’s virtual structure.
  • Perform fast search and replace operations on blobs.
  • Blob handles to make passing blob data between functions more efficient.
  • Many array manipulation functions that can be used on local arrays.
  • Allow multiple independent timers on a form.

Especially the commands that give you access to 4D’s internal resources give you the tools that can really help you enhance your own development environment. With them you can:

  • Create your own method explorer that groups methods by their prefixes.
  • Retrieve information from your structure file like names of project methods, comments, form names, lists, tool tips, style sheets, formats and filters.
  • Get access to the modification date and time of each resource, so you can get an idea what was modified and use it as a simple version control system.
  • Procedurally create resources for which no 4D commands exists (like tooltips, style sheets etc.).
  • Get or set the contents of a project method.
  • Extract comments from a project method.

This plugin gives you the tools. To actually do it, you have to write some code in 4D yourself. In the demo application you’ll find some examples of the many things you can do. API Pack is available for Mac and Windows. It works with 4D version 11, 12, 13 or higher. For older 4D versions API Pack 2.x should be used.

Donation ware!

[notification type=”info”] API Pack is donation ware – if it ever has saved your butt – stay friendly and donate something. This tool could easily sell for €€€€. [/notification]

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