Pluggers: Easy connect to MySQL

Need to transfer data? Here’s your tool

MyConnect Plugin is a plugin that allows easy connectivity to a MySQL database.
Version 2.5 adds support for 4D Server 64-bit and a few other improvements. See the section version history for detail.


Here is a short list of all the available features:

  • Supports MySQL version 4.x, 5.x and higher.
  • Open multiple database connections simultaneously.
  • Work with multiple row sets.
  • Allows forward and backward navigation through row sets.
  • Easy construction of SQL statements.
  • Support for picture and blob fields.
  • Support for stored procedures.
  • Support for multiple statements and multiple result sets.
  • Support for connection compression and automatic reconnect.
  • Support for encrypted connections using SSL.
  • Support for Unicode and native image formats with 4D v11 and higher.
  • Support for 4D Server 64-bit.
  • Includes example code to clone a 4D database to MySQL.
  • Available for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Fully compatible with 4D v11, 12 and 13.

* Please note that 4D Client 2003 on Mac OS X does not automatically download plugin bundles. To make the process of distributing such plugins easier, you can use the free BundleLoader plugin.

Licensing & Pricing

MyConnect Plugin has a very simple licensing scheme:
€ 300 per developer (unlimited deployment Mac & Windows)

Updates from previous versions are available for € 200 per license. Users that purchased the plugin after 1 January 2013, are eligible for a free update.

[notification type=”standard”] This price is a steal. Really. If you ever tried to connect with the 4D buildin ODBC tools,then you know why. MyConnect in short: easy,fast, affordable. [/notification]

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