Active4D v6.0r13

Fixes and reminders

Aparaijta has just released a small update with some changes in the plugin (Active4D is a combination of a small shell and a plugin):

  • [1151] Fixed DISTINCT VALUES failing with process arrays.
  • [1154] Fixed a crasher when trying to retrieve session values.

Please note: QUERY WITH ARRAY with integer fields is broken in 4D, there is nothing I can do about it – and while taking about broken routines in 4D, there is another one:

SET QUERY LIMIT is not obeyed when used with QUERY BY FORMULA.

As usual, the current version can be downloaded.
Haven’t tried Active4D yet? Active4D is free to use as long as you want, with the limitation that it will run for only 8 hours continuously. So give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.