4D v13.3 Hotfix 1 is now available

More fixes available

4D did just let us know:

The first Hotfix release for 4D v13.3 is now available to 4D Partners.

4D v13.3 Hotfix 1 addresses several issues in 4D, 4D Server, 4D View and 4D Write, as well as one issue on 4D ODBC Driver for Windows.

As with all Hotfixes, this is an intermediary release, validated only for particular bugs. 4D Partners can get a complete list of the bug fixes, as well as the Hotfix download at the 4D Forums.

Hotfixes are available exclusively to members of the 4D Partner Program.

<Actually, this last sentence might be a big money saver for you. Compare the costs of the maintenance program -which doesn’t give you access to the HotFixes and Nightly Builds- with the costs of the 4D Partner Program. It might end up with a ‘pay less – get more’ situation.>