AreaList Pro 9.6 b7

Lot’s of fixes

Dear developers,

AreaList Pro 9.6 b7 is now available at

Please check out the release notes for details.

  • – fixed AL_SetSort when first two column numbers are identical
  • – fixed setters for style clearing (ALP_Row_Clear, ALP_Row_ClearStyle, ALP_Cell_Clear, ALP_Cell_ClearStyle) – no error when it does not exist
  • – fixed getters for row/cell options – will return empty value when the requested property is not set (except ALP_Cell_Enterable which returns -1 in such case)
  • – added new possible value to ALP_Area_EntryClick: 7 means enterable only by long click (see ALP_Area_ClickDelay)
  • – fixed behavior of ALP_Area_LimitRows (calling AL_UpdateArrays with 0 sets it to zero; now it is reset to -2 when a column is added or removed)
  • – fixed Edit->Copy when area is in single-row selection mode
  • – fixed possible freeze when there is a pending GOTO CELL (is not handled during update event, because when developer opens a window in the begin entry callback method, 4D will freeze)
  • – removed few unnecessary calls to redrawing the area during start of entry mode (to speed it up) – should correctly redraw during update event
  • – fixed time entry when seconds are to be hidden

Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team

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