Bubble Chart Pro V5 Released

The magic of 4D and SVG

home_page_logo1Bubble Chart Pro(tm) Version 5 for Mac and Windows is here, and is loaded with great new features to help business managers quickly find the value hidden in their business investment portfolios.

Bubble Chart Pro(tm) lets managers visually compare investments in multiple business data dimensions, such as value, cost, and risk. By visualizing their data in bubble charts, managers can quickly see and understand which investments are the most attractive and which are the least attractive. Bubble Chart Pro(tm) can be used to compare many different types of potential business investments, including R&D projects, marketing strategies, and new product development proposals.

The new features let users:

  • Create custom legends and assign color-pattern combinations to groups of project bubbles
  •  Use short text to categorize projects and plot the categories in bubble charts
  • Assign date values such as project start dates and end dates and create time-series bubble charts
  • Select common U.S. and European number and date formats for charts and data
  • Have rejected-project bubbles automatically crossed-out in charts – this makes project selection much easier
  • Control which legends that they want to display and where they want to display them in the chart

For screenshots of the new features, visit: http://www.bubblechartpro.com/content/bubble_chart_pro_v5.php

“Managers can save money and reduce risk by using Bubble Chart Pro(tm) to help select their best portfolio of business investments,” says George Huhn, developer of Bubble Chart Pro(tm). “And they can get started today without needing to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for an enterprise project portfolio management tool. We have made project prioritization and portfolio optimization easy and affordable for business people looking to start using modern analytics in their decision-making.”

Bubble Chart Pro(tm) starts at only $149.97. Additional options include an integrated SMART project prioritizer that assigns a value score for each project based on the user’s business objectives and goals and a portfolio optimizer for finding the set of projects that will deliver the maximum value when the business doesn’t have enough capital, resources, or risk tolerance to do all the projects.  Bubble Chart Pro(tm) can also be used in the latest Windows and Mac operating systems.

Bubble Chart Pro(tm) was developed entirely in 4D and uses the 4D SVG component for rendering the interactive bubble charts.

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