4D v14 – Beta

It’s getting closer and closer

From some friendly developers we heard the news: 4D v14 (the next paid update) is entering the beta phase.  Let me speculate about the release date. 4D Summit is in October  in Las Vegas. Definitely to early for a release. The next (little) summit is in Munich (Bavaria) and not the place to releasing a major update. LR didn’t show up there for years.

Ahhh! Paris! There is summit in Paris (France, not Texas) after Munich. This might be a place to announce that the release is close and a kind of “Golden Master” will be served as a hand-out to the cheering developers.

OTOH, it has to happen this year. Otherwise, a lot of maintenance contracts don’t make sense, money-wise. Paying 2x a maintenance contract costs less then paying a regular update. A lot of contracts I oversee from my customers expire before the end of the year. They will start bitching if a release happens in, let’s say “February ’14” and they need to pay another maintenance fee before (#3). Will be hard to convince them to do it again.

If so, they will ask me for a road-map. “Munich to Paris?” – Yes I could deliver this one, but nothing else. Fort Knox is a open house compared to the future feature list & release dates of 4D.

And Apple, what is Apple doing? Maverick – will not kill Carbon, Adobe needs some time to move everything to the cloud, but then…

No, this will not be a disaster. Apple customers are discovering virutalizing OS X. Running “MacOS X 10.6 Server” in VMware’s “Fusion” makes it possible to use 4D versions down to 4D 6.8. There is no speed bump, on a new hardware (spell: SSD) it’s virtualized faster then running the original OS/hardware combo.

Most customers do a planning for the next 3-5 years and virtualizing fits the bill.

Technical features of 4D v14: 4D doesn’t want to have any talk about this. That’s OK, it’s their software. Customers do the same with their money – no difference.

For the moment – I can’t complain about my workload, mostly more then I can handle without lots of overhours. Just maintaining lots of old versions (say: 4D 2003/4D 2004) and updating old stuff (4D 6.0 – 4D 6.8) to 4D v13.

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