hmCal v4.4 – Pretty Calendars

Maintenance + new options

hmCal is a plug-in developed by heubach media (, Hamburg, Germany for 4th Dimension.

These are some of new features in hmCal 4.2:

  • Support of strikethrough text
  • New commands for setting/getting special text for each day in the month view: hmCal_SET SPECIAL DAY NAME, hmCal_Get Special Day Name
  • New month view with week numbers
  • Scrollable appointments in month view
  • New appointment and area properties
  • New color properties
  • The usual bugfixing

Curious? There is more in the release notes:

[heubach-media] | Christian Sakowski
iChat/AIM: SakowskiF
Tel: +49/(0)40/52 10 59-23