hmReports v2.4

More features, more options

After talking about the good old stuff, here’s some new one. If you don’t have to fight with legacy code, this might be a good option to get some pretty reports up and running.

hmReports v2.4 improves the graphic engine and stability and integrity in 4D, added an option to set line endings to a line-objects by menu.

hmReports is full compatible with current line of 4D products.

Already added in v2.3:

  • Now you can group virtual items (fields and variables). See hmRep_Create VStructure Group
  • Support of line dashes for all object types (except groups): hmRep_SET OBJECT LINEDASH
  • Support of vertical linespacing in text
  • Support of strike-through text
  • New object option for repeating objects: hmRep_oprop_ReplaceItemsIfEmpty
  • New area properties: hmRep_prop_SavePrinterName, hmRep_prop_DragRedrawInterval, hmRep_prop_SavePrintHeader, hmRep_prop_LoadPrintHeader
  • New report properties: hmRep_rprop_UUID_Preview, hmRep_rprop_UUID_Origin, hmRep_rprop_Closeable

With version 2.x of hmReports we will introduce a new dimension of reporting in 4D. We are proud to release a further product from our product line as 64 bit. hmReports is the first 64 bit 4D-Plugin with User Interface on the market.

With Multi-Page-Design, Subreports, Barcodes and Editable Preview, hmReports offers you long wanted features, which you can directly use TODAY!

=== Multi-Page-Design ===
Add static pages and/or additional iteration pages to a composed report. Also, you can design documents with more than one page!

=== Subreports ===
Inherit other hmReports documents into new documents. For example: Design one letterhead layout and place it in all your reports. If you want to change anything in the header, you only have to change the header document and not all of your reports!

=== Barcodes ===
Display any data as a 1D and 2D Barcode without any special fonts. hmReports 2 supports over 60 different 1D and 2D Barcode types!

=== Editable Preview===
User can view the final result of the report without printing. If data fields and other object don’t look good in the preview, you can make changes directly in the preview. All changes are automatically saved back in the source report and the preview will be updated again, if wanted.

=== Requirements ===
hmReports will run with 4D v12.5 and 4D v13.3 on Macintosh 10.6.8 and above.
hmReports will run Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

=== Prices ===
hmReports without reporting capabilities? Buy hmDraw!

hmDraw for 4th Dimension development (Mac & Win): € 99
hmDraw for 4D Runtime Volume Licence, unlimited: € 179
hmDraw for 4D Server, unlimited 4D clients: € 179
hmDraw OEM unlimited servers (includes runtime and development): € 999 annual price

hmReports with reporting capabilities:

hmReports for 4th Dimension development (Mac & Win): € 199
hmReports for 4D Runtime Volume Licence, unlimited: € 349
hmReports for 4D Server, unlimited 4D clients: € 349
hmReports OEM unlimited servers (includes runtime and development): € 1,799 annual price

Special offer: If you already licensed an other reporting/graphic-plugin (e. g. SuperReport Pro, 4D Draw, Canvas, PagePro) you can get 50 % off for an equivalent hmReports license! OEM licenses from the second year the full price.

All prices exclusive of VAT.

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iChat/AIM: SakowskiF
Tel: +49/(0)40/52 10 59-23

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