PrintList Pro v5.1 MC2

It is still alive and well

Don’t think  PrintList Pro (on the 4D scene since the last millennium) is old and rusty – it still does its job and is very easy to handle. Get some legacy code from customers, throw in the new plugin and it works.

Here’s what current:

Dear PrintList Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that PrintList Pro v5.1 master candidate 2 is now available.

You can download the plug-in from the following link:

The public release is planned in a few days, this is probably the last call for any remaining issues to be reported (in reply to this post please).

PrintList Pro v5 is a complete rewrite, yet compatible with legacy 4.x code.

mc2 changes:

  • fixed line spacing – changed default line spacing to 1.0
  • added a new parameter to PL_SetFormat – vertical alignment (0 – default, 1 – top, 2 – center, 3 – bottom)
  •  PL_SetFormat (area:L; columnNum:I; format:S; listJustification:I; headerJustification:I; usePictureHeight:I; attributed:I; lineSpacing:8; vertAlignment:I)
  • fixed PL_SetRepeat – meaning of the third parameter is reverted back (to state before 5.0.1b9) to comply with PLP 4.7 implementation (and not with PLP 4.7 documentation, which was wrong – only the example was OK)
  • fixed \\Dev and \\Var handling in breaks

Best regards,
The PrintList Pro v5 team

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