SuperReport Pro v3.1 MC3

Oldie but Goodie

It’s the same as for PrintList Pro, old but good. Developing a new database is easy, just using the latest tools, bells and whistles. Going back in history and meet a database made in good old MacOS 8.5 times, the game looks different. OK, you can always tell the customer “Ohhh, that’s such old, we need to rebuild it from scratch…” and here your contract is gone with the wind. It is not necessary to rebuild from scratch, at least not with 4D. It’s pretty good flexible to show some mercy with the committed developer crime from the past.

And tools like SuperReport Pro (used since ages, developed as ‘SuperText’ in UK, jumped to California and getting a face lift at the Atlantic coast in France now) will help to keep the old code and – more important – the old ugly reports up and running. Customers want to have some change in their pocket only, not for the database or the way they handle reporting. New OS? OK! New hardware? OK! Change the way how we work (a little) – NO WAY!

Here’s what we got:

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3.1 mc3 is now available

Please check it out and report any issues or requests in reply to this post. Thanks in advance.
A full Developer manual as well as a specific User guide are also available at the URL above.

mc3 changes

  • changed internal report version to “3.2”
  • changed default line spacing to 1.0 the default value can be changed using SR_SetRealProperty(0;0;SRP_Style_LineSpacing;$value) every style defaults to 1.0 during creation (Style, Text, Variable, Field, Table’s header, Table’s column) when XML report is read, the default is temporarily changed to old default of 1.2 when the report version is < “3.2”  old 2.5 reports already default to 1.0 (since 3.1b9)
  • fixed section’s properties dialog – inability to select field to break on in 4D v13
  • fixed conversion of old 2.5 reports – discrepancy in default font size (9 pt font was converted to 10pt font)
  • added another possible bit to the SRP_Area_WinPreviewFlags
  • SRP_Print_NoProgress (16384) can be specified to suppress progress in Preview on Mac
  • implemented new behavior for a table object – print using fixed (vertical) size (the size in the editor)
  •  added a new Table property for the “fixed size”
    category:    Table
    name:    SRP_Table_FixedSize
    value:    “fixs”
    xml name:    “fixedSize”
    type:    Boolean
    default: 0
    usage:    set to 1 to print the table at the (fixed) vertical size defined in the editor

Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team