ObjectTools v4.0r3

Fixes broken connection to Active4D

ObjectTools 4.0r3

ObjectTools 4.0 is a bundle that contains Macintosh Intel, Windows 32-bit, and Windows 64-bit versions for use with 4D v11.5+ on Mac OS X 10.5+ or Windows XP SP2+. Mac OS X 10.4 and Macintosh PPC are no longer supported.
ObjectTools 4.0 runs under 4D v11+ in Unicode mode, which means that it fully supports Unicode text throughout.

• Updated libraries, recompiled with Xcode 4 to fix crashes with Active4D exchange.
• Fixed a crasher in OT GetAllNamedProperties.
•    True 64-bit support has been implemented and is included with the plugin.
•    Added support for Active4D interchange.
•    Fixed a bug that prevented ObjectTools from starting up under 4D Remote when the user logged in using a network account.

Download: https://www.aparajitaworld.com/downloads/

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