AreaList Pro v9.6 released

Free update for all (mostly)

AreaList Pro 9.6 is now available at

New features

  • Individual rows hiding
  • New command: AL_ModifyArrays to insert or delete a number of rows (array elements) at the specified position, or inform AreaList Pro that a number of elements have been inserted or deleted
  • Calculated columns in array mode
  • Modified behavior of ALP_Area_TraceOnError: if set accordingly, when an error occurs in compiled structure, an alert is shown indicating the error, calling method, entry point used, property used
  • New possible value to ALP_Area_EntryClick: 7 means enterable only by long click (see ALP_Area_ClickDelay)
  • Implemented support for picture alignment when format is 0 or 3
  • Two new properties for sort dialog: titles for Cancel and OK buttons
  • Support of “password” columns (bullets will be displayed instead of the actual values, including during entry)
  • Header foreground color setting using AL_SetForeColor, AL_SetForeClr and AL_SetForeRGBColor
  • Changed default line spacing to 1.0 (was 1.2)

AreaList Pro version 9.6 is a free upgrade from v9.0: existing v9.x licenses will activate version 9.6.

Release date: Sept 10th, 2013