PrintList Pro 5.1

Adds support for UniCode and StyledText

PrintList Pro version 5 is a complete rewrite, yet compatible with legacy 4.x code.

System requirements

PrintList Pro version 5.1 is compatible with 4th Dimension v11, v12, v13 and above, for both Macintosh and Windows, as well as Windows 64-bit 4D Server. It requires MacOS X 10.5 or higher and Windows XP SP2 or better.

New in version v5.1

  • PrintList Pro version 5 supports Unicode for printing.
  • Styled text is supported.
  • PrintList Pro version 4.x commands are still here: your previous code should work fine, give or take a few changes and minor deprecated features described in the manual and release notes.
  • The PL_Register command takes just one parameter, and it returns 0 for OK and an integer between 1 and 8 if not OK.
  • The 4D project method Compiler_PLP is no longer needed.
  • PrintList Pro uses native drawing.

New Configuration commands

  • PL_AddColumn (areaRef:L; dataPointer:Z; insertAt;L) -> result:L
  • PL_Load (areaRef:L; XML:T) -> result:L
  • PL_Save (areaRef:L; XML:T) -> result:L

New Break Processing commands: Computed Breaks

  • PL_ProcessArrays (callbackMethodName:S; breakArrays:Y; dataArrays:Y; useDetail:L) -> error:L
  • PL_GetBreakValue (handle:L; column:L; calculation:L) -> value:F

New break calculations
In break calculations, “\Var” will compute variance and “\Dev” will compute standard deviation.

Calculated columns in array mode
PrintList Pro now supports calculated columns in array mode, when previous versions only offered this feature in field mode.

New RGB commands

  • PL_SetBrkColRGBOpt (areaRef:L; breakLevel:I; columnNum:I; showColDivider:I; lineWidth:F; dividerRed:L; dividerGreen:L; dividerBlue:L)
  • PL_SetBkHColRGBOpt (areaRef:L; breakLevel:I; columnNum:I; showColDivider:I; lineWidth:F; dividerRed:L; dividerGreen:L; dividerBlue:L)
  • PL_SetBrkRowRGBDiv (areaRef:L; lineWidth:F; dividerRed:L; dividerGreen:L; dividerBlue:L)

Additions to existing commands

  • Support for picture alignment.
  • PL_SetColOpts has a new parameter (on Windows): drawing engine (GDI plus or GDI)
  • PL_SetFormat has three new parameters: attributed (multi-style) text, line spacing, vertical alignment
  • Double lines (typical in accounting) are now supported

Printing an AreaList Pro area

  • To print AreaList Pro areas, just call AL_Save and PL_Load they use the same XML UTF-8 format. Then set row/cell options and you are done. Or add break processing options.
  • Using this feature will allow you to indirectly apply AreaList Pro v9 numerous formatting options to a PrintList Pro area (calling the v9 property based API) using an AreaList Pro area as the data and formatting source.

PrintList Pro version 5.1 is a free upgrade from v4.7: existing 4.7 and 5.0 licenses will activate version 5.1.

Upgrades from version 4.6 (single user or server) are available at 40 € each (excluding VAT), see e-node for more.