AreaList Pro v9.6.2

Maintenance release is available

AreaList Pro 9.6.2 is now available at

Changes from 9.6.1:

  • fixed alternate row coloring when there are no data
  • AL_GetVersion and AL_GetAreaTextProperty (0; ALP_Area_Version) no longer triggers the demo dialog when not registered (allows to check version before registering)
  • Windows only: when the window is zoomed, the date & time popups will no longer resize the window to its normal state (but the popup windows will be modal and a click outside them will be ignored – use ESC to cancel the popup)
  • Windows only: fixed text color to use highlight system text color (usually white) when ALP_Area_SelHighlightMode is set to 2

See also the release notes for 9.6.1 and 9.6 changes.

Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team