4D PDF Mailer/Printer Plugin v. 4.0.1

Fixes problem with Outlook 2013

node Systemlösungen located in Berlin Germany releases an update for the
4D PDF Printer/Mailer 4D plugin
To download go to http://www.node.de/indexplug.htm

Version 4.0.1
Whats new since 4.0 release:

  • updated nodexchange.dll
  • fix for OutLook 2013
  • new v14 demo database
  • some minor bug fixes

Version 4.0
Whats new since 3 release:

  • updated nodexchange.dll
  • updated nodeoutlook.dll
  • support for the new pdf v5 printer driver
  • new pdf driver 5.0.267
  • new pdf driver 4.0.207
  • demo timeout extended to 30 minutes
  • this release supports the pdf driver 4.0.x and 5.0.x
  • new v13 demo database
  • some minor bug fixes
  • new serial upgrade required
  • 4D PDF Plugin with optional Royalty Free pdf printer driver. Just print your documents directly from 4D Windows to get very small colorful pdf files with activated hyperlinks, optional bookmarks and letter form watermarks.

System requirements:

4D Engine/Mono/Server/Client 6.8.6/2003.8/2004.8/v11.9/v12.6/v13.3/v14
Windows 32Bit and 64Bit Systems only (Win2K/WinXP/Win2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win2008)

Sorry no Mac OS or OSX

What will you get:

  • 4D plugin (win4dx and bundle, win only with Mac stubs)
  • 4D sample database
  • Serial to unlock the plugin
  • PDF X-Change printer driver with silent install, to integrate within your installer (this is a commercial best selling, rock solid pdf printer driver, more informations http://www.docu-track.com) The distribution of the X-Change printer driver is Royalty Free within your compiled enduser application. (The light version of the plugin does not include the pdf printer license)
  • the PDF X-Change printer driver works only called from the 4D Plugin, otherwise it works in demo mode. (If you buy the light version, the pdf driver always works in demo mode until you have unlocked the driver with a separatly purchased serial from docu-track, then the driver suppresses the demo stamps).

Short feature list:

  • automatic switching between printer/pdf driver
  • collecting several print jobs and converting it into one pdf file (sets the pdf printer in idle mode to combine several print jobs and external documents into one pdf file, mixed print of 4D Draw, 4D Write, SuperReport, PrintList, 4D Chart, 4D Report … is supported)
  • ability to choose from different letter form pages for watermark background (first and following pages). Background files could be pictures or pdf files.
  • set some pdf options (password, print, copy, change, annotations, title, owner, etc.)
  • print pdf to smtp email with optional full styled html email text including pictures (the print job spooled into a temporarily pdf file and send the pdf to your smtp server without any user interaction, no 4d internet commands necessarily)
  • print to MAPI email (the print job spooled into a pdf file and opens the standard MAPI mail client)
  • print pdf to MS OutLook email with optional full styled html email text including pictures (the print job spooled into a temporarily pdf file and send the pdf into your MS OutLook mail client without any user interaction). (Options are send direct, save in drafts, save in drafts and show the mail in MS outlook Editor)
  • send HTML E-Mail with HTML styled body to your smtp server FREEWARE
  • send HTML E-Mail with HTML styled body with MS OutLook FREEWARE
  • zip files from a source array FREEWARE
  • download a web page to a txt file FREEWARE
  • set bookmarks during your pdf print jobs
  • merge pdf files manually as an option
  • convert external files to pdf
  • delete pages from pdf files
  • modify bookmarks within existing pdfs
  • get and set hierarchic bookmarks
  • get some information about a pdf file (page count, protected, creator, keywords …)
  • optional individual mail coding for e-mail (default is iso-8859-1)
  • optional individual mail port for smtp e-mail sending (default is 25)
  • just print what you want and get fantastic pdf results

node Systemloesungen e.K.
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Kantstr. 149, 10623 Berlin
Tel: +49-30-8936430, Fax: +49-30-8921904
Web: http://www.node.de
eMail: Deeg@node.de
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