hmCal 5.0 & 4D v14

Works fine, as with 4D v13

hmCal is beautiful crafted plugin for all kinds of calendars in 4D. Setting it up is (mostly) a no-brainer.

hmCal 5.0 contains tremendous new functions and improvements:

  • Introducing the 8th view: hmCal 5 introduces a new year view. In this view you can display months vertically and days horizontally.
  • Native graphic support for 4D v14. Full support of 4D v14.
  • Use defined time zones (in user’s day view). New commands for user time zone support.
  • Native support of the vector format EMF on Windows
  • Contains new internal graphical improvements and more speed
  • and more (see release notes)

hmCal is developed and published by heubach media. Details and demos of the plugin can be found here.