hmReports 3 & 4D v14

Native PDF output – no driver required

hmReports 3 adds a native PDF output (without any additional PDF driver/software) and a new Script editor with a Script Debugger (where you can debug reports in compiled databases).

Manual can be downloaded from here.
hmReports is a product developed and published by heubach media.

This new version is a huge leap in creating reports in 4D, because of the close integration of scripts to manipulate objects and their properties.

hmReports is fully certified with 4D v13 and 4D v14!


  • New script editor, script executer and script debugger
  • Internal PDF rendering engine for creating PDF’s on Windows (without additional software or printer driver)
  • Rendering to HTML
  • Use a page of an report as subreport in an other page of the same report
  • Subreports can now have variable height
  • Dynamic objects in „print as area“ – mode
  • Each object has now an “On After” and “On After Render“-Script
  • hmReports works now together with the 4D print session command “OPEN PRINTING JOB“
  • Endmarks are now available for path and freehand objects
  • Support of 4D’s edit menu
  • It’s now possible to write directly :xliff: in static text objects
  • Each page have now it’s own pagewidth, pageheight and margins
  • Support of the native vector EMF format (Windows)
  • Tool tips for Buttons
  • and much more (see release notes)

Multi-Page-Design, Subreports, Barcodes and Editable Preview, hmReports offers you long wanted features:

Now you can add static pages and/or additional iteration pages to a composed report. Also, you can design documents with more than one page!

Inherting pages from other hmReports documents: You can design one letterhead layout and place it in all your reports. If you want to change anything in the header, you only have to change the header document and not all of your reports!

Display any data as a 1D and 2D Barcode without any special fonts. hmReports 3 supports over 60 different 1D and 2D Barcode types!

Editable Preview
View the final result of the report without printing. If data fields and other object don’t look good in the preview, you can make changes directly in the preview. All changes are automatically saved back in the source report and the preview will be updated again, if wanted.

Other features of Version 3.0

  • Unlimited Undo/Redo support
  • 64 bit Plugin (for 4D v13/v14 Server 64 bit on Windows)
  • Supported languages of the GUI: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese
  • Much better API for guides
  • Support of repeating objects
  • Variable headers and footers
  • Support of Styled Text
  • New API for creating a Virtual Structure for Tables, Fields and Variables
  • You can now change the name of each section
  • New grid
  • Arrange objects horizontally and vertically
  • Support of line endmarks of line objects
  • New Property Palette
  • Better 4D Draw Import
  • New events for Drag & Drop and printing control
  • Direct Copy & Paste from the Finder/Explorer