NTK Plugin 2.5.2

More SSL support

pluggers-miniNTK (Networking Toolkit, tons of TCP/IP low level commands) has a good history for supporting SSL, long before 4D itself was able to send a simple SSL mail to, for example, Google Mail.

My main usage of it is, to have a home-made WebServer (instead of the 4D WebExtension) and using Active4D as a scripting language. Can’t beat this combination with the build-in tools of 4D.

NTK  has now been updated to version 2.5.2. The release includes several important bug fixes and a few new features. All developers are recommended to update to this version.

New commands have been added to retrieve various information from SSL certificates and enhanced certificate validation.
To make life easier for developers, “warnings” are by default no-longer reported to the error handler. This behavior can be controlled using the “verbose” option.
On Mac the plugin now uses its own copy of OpenSSL instead of the system provided one.

Because of this the plugin is no longer compatible with OS X 10.5.

More details can be found in the section Version history of the documentation.

For more information on NTK Plugin: http://www.pluggers.nl/products/ntk-plugin

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